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Work For That Perky Butt.
Having a toned butt that pushes jeans to the absolute limit is one of the most desired women's fitness goals. 

Women (and men) love big butts, it's like having a big chest for males. 

Good news, the glutes have the potential to be the biggest, strongest and most powerful muscle in the entire body! 

But they need to have a lot more attention than what’s given to them in a traditional home training ...
Evolve At Your Own Rhythm.
Booty Building Program.
This program is a glute-specific training schedule, designed to help you build lean muscle mass and tone your butt in the comfort of your own home. 

All you need is a set of resistance belts! If you want a rounder, firmer, lifted booty but don’t have access to a gym, then this program is perfect for you!
  •  Membership Access (Laptop, Phone, Tablet...)
  •  Renewable and evolutive workout routine.
  •  3 workouts a week.
  •  11 exercices.
  •  Intensification methods for constant evolution.
  •  Nutritional guidelines.
  •  Glute activation demonstration.
  •  Exercises video demonstrations.
  •  Simple tracking to visualize your progress.
One Goal.
Three Belts.
Higher weights increase muscle size and different exercises require different resistances levels.

A lot of people will tell you that they need to perform exercise with light weights and many reps. If you train like this, you won't build any muscle; you will mainly work your muscle endurance.

The butt building process requires moderate and strong resistance in order to obtain fast results. The goal here is to stimulate muscle growth in your glutes so you can get a round butt.
  •  Tension : 20 lb / 9 kg
  •  Beginner level
  •  Endurance
  •  Tension : 30 lb / 14 kg
  •  Intermediate level
  •  Resistance
  • Tension : 40 lb / 18 kg
  •  Advanced level
  •  Force
Printable Workout Routine.
Track Your Progress.
If you’re serious about making changes to your life and getting in shape, we cannot stress enough the importance of tracking your progress.

And we don’t mean just stepping on the scale every morning and freaking out every time it goes up 1/10th of a pound. We're talking about a plan that allows you to find and stay on the right path.
How It Works.
1. Adjustement
Velcro belt comfortably snug around your waist or hips. Grab black clip with free hand; hold in place and pull tight until comfortable. 
Adjust bands accordingly. Band should be slid to the middle of each glute.
2. Hook to shoes
Kneel down on either knee. Grab both sides of the rubber tubing at the base of the foot straps. Pull firmly and place under the arch of your foot. Firmly velcro the straps together under the arch of the foot.
3. Let's go!
Get down on all fours. Shift your body weight to your elbows. Tighten core by pulling your belly button in toward your spine and engage your glutes.
Quick Results.
Although you may need to wait a month to see a great deal of change in your bottom, you may see some results almost instantly, even after one workout. To maximize your results, it's best to use your belt at least three times a week.
Save Time
Dragging yourself to the gym can seem like a chore when you already have a lot on your schedule. With BootySculptor, you will save time by being able to get your work outs in at home.
Save Money
Gym passes and memberships can be expensive. With BootySculptor, you will never have to pay for a gym pass again.
Feel The Burn!
Limited Offer.
Cutting Edge Technology
Designed For Results.
Lightweight & Portable
Take the BootySculptor exercise bands anywhere and never miss a workout. Each belt comes with a black tote bag that can be used to carry it, it'll fit in most other carrying cases.
Adjustable Waist Belt
Our waist belts are adjustable and will fit waist sizes from 23 inches to 46 inches. Easily adjustable and padded waist bands adds extra comfort to your waist and legs.
Comfortable & Versatile
Neoprene pads in each foot strap for added comfort & productivity. Take it anywhere & get results as if you're working out in the gym! Double dipped natural latex tubing.
Focus On Your Needs.
Glutes Isolation.
Lifts and tones all three gluteal muscles - Maximus, Medius & Minimus - to help quickly develop a firm, round & perky butt.
Don't Take It From Us...
Customer Reviews.
Katie J.
Works well, just came in the mail and I am obsessed! Definite 10/10, I recommend to anyone who wants to workout and work on their body shape! I'm already starting to see a difference! I am so excited, thank you so much Bootysculptor for creating my dream excersize gear!
Rachel P.
I have been struggling with "no-a**-at-all" syndrome and was trying to find other exercises besides squats and lunges. I ordered the bootysculptor set and found the exercises helpful and enjoyable albeit sometimes a little awkward. I would happily suggest this to my friends!
Lauryn L.
I have been using the belts only for the past 2 weeks. I did 6 different excercises with 15 reps each position (15 reps for each leg, each excercise). Yes you will get sweat believe or not. I normally do these exercises after work or before I go to bed.
Roberta K.
Received my bootyscultp set quickly and I could wait to try it. The resistance bands are awesome. My butt was burning after only 1 rotation. This is a great addition to my home gym. I have only used it for 1 workout so I am not sure about results but if this is any indication, I can expect to have a fab booty very soon.
Ariah H.
This is a great product. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. I love it. I was a little apprehensive about the belt digging into my waist but it does not dig at all. The resistance is very good and you can feel it in your muscles for sure. The bands are very good also, they' are not to thin or to thick. I am very happy with this product and the price was good also. I would recommend this product.
Ivanna R.
Really feel it in the booty and the Abs!!!!! I feel like it may rip when I fully extend my legs though. It sort of pulls down on the belt part and pinches me with the buckles in the back. I guess I just expected more for the price. It literally feels like it'll break and the band across my waist hurts!
Agatha I.
This is a really good deal for the price! After the first time using it my hips were on fire and that was just from testing a few of the exercises. This eliminates all of the machines you would need at the gym. Definitely a great buy!
Dan L.
As an ex figure competitor and personal trainer I have purchased countless products, this booty scult set is the highest quality I have ever seen for this type of equipment. Really awesome!
Abs, Quads ...
Target Other Muscles
Shape your glutes while strengthening other parts of your body! Designed to target 5 muscle groups: Abs, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves and Glutes.
Life and Health Benefits.
10 Reasons It's Better to Have a Big Glutes.
Some evolutionary psychologists believe that men prefer women with fuller butts because it enhances the appearance of the curvature of the spine, according to a recent study published in Evolution and Human Behavior. From an evolutionary standpoint, this is a Very Desirable Trait: A curved spine can alleviate spinal pressure and related injury during pregnancy, which supports mobility to forage food for yourself until the baby arrives.
Scaling a staircase requires an orchestrated effort involving most muscles below the waist — including the gluteus maximus, which is the biggest one. That makes climbing steps a total bitch for anyone with a flat, weak backside (unless they have super strong legs).
When your butt is too weak to propel your legs forward as you walk, smaller muscles end up kicking in to help, Dr. Peeke explains. This can lead to strains in your back, hips, knees, and other places.
While fuller buns won't make labor a walk in the park, a big butt can help you stay mobile during pregnancy by balancing the increasingly heavy weight of your baby belly, which can put tremendous strain on your spine.
Tight hips, an inevitable result of excessive sitting, can make it difficult for you to stand up straight, Dr. Peeke explains. But a strong butt can help lengthen your hip flexors and keep everything in alignment, which alleviates pain (and stops you from looking like a slump).
When researchers looked into butt fat (measured by thigh or hip circumference), they linked it to healthier cholesterol levels, which mean a lower risk of chronic illness down the line. Women with bigger butts and smaller waists tend to have higher levels of HDL cholesterol (the good kind that helps keep your arteries clear) and lower levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad kind that blocks arteries).
People with small, weak butts often end up tilting their hips forward and sticking the tailbone out, which pushes the belly forward to give you the illusion of a gut. A strong butt can help correct the overextension of your spine so you default to tucking your hips underneath your body and maintain an all-around leaner look.
The bigger your waist-to-hip ratio (i.e., the smaller your waist and bigger your hips), the lower your risk of developing type-2 diabetes, according to an International Journal of Obesity study.
The muscles that run down the back of your thighs are particularly prone to injury, Dr. Peeke says. But a strong butt can protect the hamstrings by helping out with movements that engage the under-thigh area, like lifting something heavy from the ground.
You seriously don't want to fall on a flat butt: Gruesome bruising aside, you could end up with a stress fracture in your sit or pelvic bones, Dr. Peeke says. But a big butt can pad the blow so you can get right back on your feet.
Feel The Burn!
Limited Offer.
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